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APPLETON, Wis. —  Darshana Patel told authorities she was suspicious as she watched her boyfriend stir a smoothie at an ice cream store. When he offered it to her, she noticed powder on the cup’s rim, and the pregnant woman feigned illness and didn’t drink it. According to a criminal complaint, the woman says she sent the powder to a laboratory and it turned out to be mifepristone, the abortion pill also known as RU-486. The test results came too late: She had already suffered two miscarriages in less than a year. On Thursday, Manishkumar M. Patel, 34, of Appleton, was accused of slipping the drug to the woman without her knowledge. He was charged with seven felonies and two misdemeanors, including attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, stalking, burglary and two counts of violating a restraining order. The nine charges carry a maximum penalty of 99 1/2 years in prison and a $92,000 fine…. (Source)

The abortion zealots will no doubt continue to insist the man did nothing wrong.  And everytime they do that, they lose another few points in public opinion and even change some people’s minds about abortion.  If they don’t squawk, we win. If they do squawk, we win.  Who doesn’t win are vulnerable women and the unborn child.  And if this kind of stuff is going on with pills, what about the other forms of DIRECT coercion by “boyfriends” to abort which, really, is almost as heinous? Come on. This whole abortion thing is simply thuggery and intimidation of women to do what they don’t want to do.

But for abortion fanatics, that doesn’t matter. What matters is keeping the right to kill legal, regardless of who needs to get mowed down to preserve it.


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Tiller the Killer is on the ropes.

Looks like all wicked things must come to an end sometime, George. 

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WATERLOO, November 29, 2007 ( – An Ontario Catholic school board approached by a family issues group concerned about pro-homosexual materials in school libraries, is now facing the opening of homosexual student clubs in its high schools.

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board was approached early this year by the group Defend Traditional Marriage and Family concerned about a teacher resource book promoting homosexuality as well as some thirty similarly objectionable books, videos and pamphlets available to Catholic students in school libraries and guidance offices. 

The board took half a year to address the issue and would only address the teacher resource book, refusing to address the other pro-gay materials at the same meeting.  The Family Life Committee of the Catholic school board voted 11-5 to retain the book, but the director of Education for the board made a compromise decision.  Roger Lawler decided this week to remove the teacher resource book from individual schools but retain it at a central teacher resource center.

Just prior to that decision being announced, the local paper, The Record, reported on the existence of a gay and lesbian group at one of the board’s schools – Resurrection Catholic Secondary in Kitchener.  The paper reports that according to its founder, the “Rez PRIDE” group has the support of the school guidance counselor and chaplain, but school officials would not discuss the matter.

14-year old Resurrection student Jessica Coughlin began the group and is described by the paper as an “out lesbian”.

Although local Bishops Anthony Tonnos and Gerard Bergie were unavailable for comment, spoke with the bishop’s representative on the school board Family Life Advisory Committee, Teresa Hartnett.

Hartnett told that she did not know much about the groups, but did note that there were at least “a couple of (gay) clubs running,” at Catholic schools.

Hartnett stressed that “pastoral care of students with same sex orientation is not against our teachings as long as we follow the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

She said she would likely follow up on the matter now.  Asked if she was aware of such clubs prior to the newspaper report, Hartnett replied that she was, “aware that there were some students interested in that.”  She added again, “Pastorally there’s nothing wrong with a group that will support students.”

However, identification with a gay and lesbian club can be a negative way to go, according to Courage, a Roman Catholic group which is dedicated to those who struggle with same-sex attraction.  Courage has been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family and is approved by the Vatican.

“Having young people who are struggling with gender issues join a “gay-lesbianbisexual- transgender” group will only encourage a false and limiting type of selflabeling,” said Courage in a communication to Defend Traditional Marriage and Family (DTMF).

“We believe it is most important to encourage young persons to primarily identify themselves as men and women made in the image of God. Even while acknowledging that their struggles with homosexual feelings or their experiences of gender confusion are real, they should not be encouraged to base their core identity on these difficulties,” added Courage.  “Christian anthropology teaches that we are created male and female – it does not teach that we are created gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Subjective feelings, thoughts and struggles, while real, do not translate into “identity”. Also, these particular labels are often associated with political causes which are incompatible with Catholic moral teaching.”

The principal of Resurrection high school refused comment directing to the Superintendant for the board.  However, Catholic School Board officials did not return calls for comment from

The Record reports that the 14-year old student who started the gay pride club was inspired to do so by reading the pro-homosexuality teen novel Rainbow Boys.  Notably, Rainbow Boys was one of the books DTMF had warned was inappropriate in the Catholic school libraries.  That warning has thus far gone unheeded.  In fact, a spokesman for the board called DTMF “an extremist hate group” after it made known its concerns.

You see, folks? This is precisely how the rot of our Catholic schools starts. It starts with people like “spokespersons” and “communication directors” speaking to an issue that only the Archbishop should be addressing and ACTING ON.

Instead, we get this swarmy “well, there’s nothing wrong with homosexual clubs in Catholic schools because technically no Catholic principle has been breached”.  This is the kind of “head-in-the-sand” and “see no evil, hear no evil” approach that is destroying us. 

And where is the Bishop? 

“Unavailable for comment”.  

This is not a new situation for this school board.  Political homosexual infiltration has been an issue since it was first reported in March, 2007.  Bishop Tonnos has known about the problem with this Board for months, but obviously does not see the need to intervene in any substantial way.

And then the bishops wonder why parents don’t trust them anymore. 

I can tell you that NO bishop will have my trust without proving it first.

Just like fatherhood means more than having sexual relations, so too does spiritual fatherhood, for Bishops, mean more than consecration.

The epidemic of delinquent fatherhood seems to be ripe within the Canadian episcopacy, and this is just another example of it.

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I see that I am not the only one who is rather upset with Blair’s imminent reception into the Catholic Church:

But Rumours that Blair, nominally an adherent of “high church” Anglicanism, will be received shortly into the Catholic Church during a private ceremony at the residence of the Archbishop of Westminster, has elicited strong concerns from some British Catholic priests. Throughout his premiership, which began with a landslide Labour victory in 1997, Blair was rumoured to attend Catholic Masses with his wife, Cherie Blair, a strongly pro-abortion Catholic and reputed follower of New Age ideas.

Fr. Timothy Finigan, a London Catholic priest and founder of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life, wrote that Blair would need to publicly repudiate his public position on issues like abortion, embryo experimentation and homosexual civil unions. Fr. Finigan said, “Conversion to the Catholic faith would imply that he now accepts Catholic teaching and is willing to witness publicly to it.”

The nerve! The effrontery!! To imagine that someone would actually demand that you accept the teaching of a religion before you became one of its members. What’s this world coming to?  These religious nutters simply demand too much!

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Henry Hyde, the outstanding and most effective pro-life congressman, died yesterday.

Rest in peace, Henry.  Please intercede for us in heaven.

When the Time Comes

by Henry Hyde:

“When the time comes as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I’ve often thought, as Fulton Sheen wrote, that it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates, you are there alone standing before God and a terror will rip through your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, “Spare him because he loved us,” and God will look at you and say not, “Did you succeed?” but “Did you try?”‘

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“Looking at it another way”, wrote Frank Gaffney in his book War Footing, “Saudi Arabia-which currently exports about ten mbd [million barrels of oil a day] – receives an extra half billion dollars every day.”  Where does that extra half-bil go? It goes to the mosques and madrassas that the Saudis export, ideology that is – petroleum merely bankrolls it. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p. 69)

Funny how we are financing the next terrorist attack, no? 

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When I was a younger man, I use to engage in Catholic Apologetics.  Apologetics is the practice of defending a position or belief.  In my case, it was defending the Catholic faith against Protestants. I did this for about 7 years.  In fact, my website, The Catholic Legate,  is still up and I update it a few times a year. When Canada started opting for the Sodom and Gommorah option in 2003 by putting marriage on the ropes, I quickly realized that it’s better to pick up a bucket and start bailing than it is arguing who should be steering a sinking ship. In other words, Christians need to concentrate more on saving our culture from the crapper than arguing the finer points of soteriology or the procession within the Trinity. 

When I became more embroiled in the culture war, I quickly realized just how pathetic the state of the Catholic Church is today, especially within the episcopacy.  In fact, sometimes I wonder if we are not living in the proverbial twilight zone; the scandals could not be more bizarre or incredible.  And I am not even talking about the sex scandals, however outrageous they are. I am talking about the basic stuff where one can ask a bishop to enforce a very rudimentary Catholic principle or teaching, and he looks at you like you are from another planet or gets very agitated and nervous at the mention of any kind of discipline or discomfort. Over the years, I have kept my mouth shut at this sad spectacle.  I’ve done so for a number of reasons:

1) Making a public judgement on a bishop or even a group of bishops is serious business because there can be incredible damage inflicted on everyone – on the bishops and, by extension, their teaching authority; on the faithful who might be prone to listen to the accuser and lastly on the accuser himself. 

2) It is not in my nature to keep my mouth shut about too many things.  And I don’t trust myself sometimes. So I played it safe and gave the bishops the benefit of the doubt. And let me tell you, that has been a “big benefit”.

3) And lastly, being a big mouth burns bridges. And burning bridges with people who have access and influence is a pretty dumb thing to do if you are in the business of trying to influence the culture.

And so, over the years, I have kept my mouth shut and died dozens of silent deaths, enduring the most unbelievable comments and witnessing Judas-like abdications, just to get a shot at being heard. 

Well, I just can’t do it anymore. I just can’t.   

What we are dealing with, I am thoroughly convinced, is a diabolical disorientation and blindness that has seeped deep into the episcopacy of the Church.  For certain, if the Catholic Church was not divinely protected by Her founder in what she officially teaches, she would be walking the exact same road as the Anglican communion is right now.

So, the latest scandal I have been watching with utter amazement is the whole brohahaha over Tony Blair’s imminent “conversion” to the Catholic Faith.  If you read the news reports and the bizarre maneuvrings of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, you’d be wondering just what the hell is going on here? 

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster, advised Mr Blair that it would be unwise and inappropriate to use such a high-profile occasion for such an important private event, particularly coming just days before he was due to leave Downing Street. He was preparing to make a declaration about his faith as one of his last acts as Prime Minister. But the cardinal recommended that it would be better to wait until he had left Number 10, amid fears that the announcement could cause a political storm. (Source)

That’s it? Some administrative and political baloney about the diplomatic nature of his reception into the Church?  In other words, folks, they have their knickers in a knot over the “political scene”, some paper work, and ensuring the cutlery is nicely arranged for the big party.


This must be some kind of sick joke on us. It just must be.

And here I was thinking the most important thing for the Cardinal to be doing is helping Blair prepare a public retraction for his almost universal anti-Catholic positions he has held virtually his entire political life.  Everything from abortion to embryonic stem cell research to the propagating homosexual agenda to what ever your anti-life, anti-Christian gig is at the moment.  Reality check for the Cardinal: this guy’s latest achievement was to ensure the Catholic orphanages under your authority are forced to give our Catholic children to same-sex couples. 

You know, it would be kind of scandalous if he were to quietly come into the Church and privately retract his position. In truth, that would not be acceptable, really. It would not be in keeping with the spirit of conversion which would require a public retraction from such a public figure who did much damage to Christianity, Catholicism, and his own country, BUT at least we could stomach it somewhat. After all, the guy changed his mind, right?

Maybe he has. Maybe he hasn’t.

If he hasn’t, then the whole thing is a big sham. 

If he has, the whole thing is still a big sham because he has not been required by the Church to publicly repent of his position. He was a public figure who inflicted incredible harm on Britain, and the cross and martydom to be laid upon the faithful of that country in the future – probably within his own lifetime, in part because of his schizo-Christianity, cannot even be fathomed.

The Church is permitting scandal by allowing this two-faced politician to be received into the bosom of Holy Mother Church while maintaining the heresy I dub “Cuomoism” – named after the slick former New York Governor who made it stylish to be Catholic on Sunday and a heretic the other days of the week.

To be received into the Church, Tony Blair MUST publicly repent of his sins in order to avert scandal.  If he does not, the Church would be implicitly accepting that a sin committed while holding a public office does not need to be repented of.  Sadly, there is absolutely no hint that he will be required to do so.  Apparently, they are too busy planning for the big event in Easter 2008 to be concerned with something so yesterday as sin.

Here’s a couple of more observations…

During the service he will recite the Nicene Creed and make a formal declaration that reads: “I believe and profess all that the Holy Catholic Church believes, teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God.”….More recently he has developed a friendship with Prof Hans Kung, the respected theologian. (Source)

You mean the same respected theologian who was stripped of his teaching position as a theologian by the Servant of God John Paul II, Tony?  No wonder you are all screwed up. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry for you and the Cardinal.

“It’s difficult if you talk about religious faith in our political system,” Blair said. “If you are in the American political system or others then you can talk about religious faith and people say ‘yes, that’s fair enough’ and it is something they respond to quite naturally. “You talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you’re a nutter. I mean… you may go off and sit in the corner and… commune with the man upstairs and then come back and say ‘right, I’ve been told the answer and that’s it’.” (Source)

Well, it’s good to know that we are accepting such courageous people like Tony Blair. I mean, of course, we all understand that it’s more important to be considered “respectable and normal” and betray the Gospel, then it is to be a “nutter” (did you ever ask Pope Benedict what he thought of your attitude, Tony?) and actually witness to the State, like a certain man named Thomas More once did.  You know, the guy, I’m sure. He had the gall to believe he must keep his faith and his public witness in line with one another.  He actually believed that God would judge him on being one person and not two persons, or, at any rate, one person with two faces. 

The bishops and cardinals of the Church, at least in the West, are not really serious about the Catholic faith.  If they were, they would be assuming their roles as fathers and shepherds by calling Catholic politicians to account.  What we have here folks is a mirror of what is transpiring in the culture at large – delinquent fatherhood.

For all the Church’s talk about politicians having to tow the line on Catholic teaching, apparently Tony Blair (and virtually every other Catholic politician in the world) is getting a pass this coming Easter (unless, of course, you happen to be in His Grace Raymond Burke’s diocese where Catholicism is taken rather seriously and Catholic politicians are real Catholic politicians).  But for the most part, Tony, it’s all smooth sailing for you. An easy transition. So come right in, Tony, you’ll feel right at home with the rest of us hypocrites.  We bishops are just like you: All talk and no repentance.  Let the good times roll, boys. We’re more concerned about being politically correct than breaking down the walls to allow the Gospel to shine in public life. 

Words cannot express my revulsion and disgust.

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Go Barlow Girls! – the best rock group on the planet today.

The Fluezy generation is on the way out.

The girls show an uncommon common sense by passing the adolescent sex stage and the associated HIV, HPV, abortion, divorce saga that so many young women today tragically follow.

What a beautiful witness from some beautiful ladies. The gentlemen that these ladies end up meeting and marrying will be blessed, indeed.

This is what I am talking about when I say the “market” needs to change. If more women were as discerning as the Barlow girls and gentlemen were likewise, a lot of our social and economic problems would evaporate over night.

My wife was my first and only girlfriend. We met in high school. After a couple of “dates”, I told her I wasn’t going to waste her time or my time. If I were to keep courting her, it would be for marriage. Of course, you never know what will happen, but the expectation is that, should things go as planned, there will be wedding bells in the future. When I try to explain that to people who don’t share my beliefs, they look at me and giggle. And I tell them, “Look. This isn’t so much about “old fashioned values” as it is about wasting time and wasting lives.” Of course, when the source and summit of your existence is getting laid, then you really don’t care about wasted time…or a wasted life, for that matter.

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When the CBC announced that it was broadcasting a TV documentary about China’s persecution of the Falun Gong that featured our report, it was predictable that the Chinese censorship machine would get into gear. What was not predictable was that the CBC would pay attention to it….

The CBC’s deletions were telling. One expunged segment was the playing of tapes of telephone admissions from hospitals in China acknowledging that they were selling Falun Gong organs. (Chinese government denials remained in the CBC version.)

The additions were typical Chinese propaganda. The CBC on its own, for instance, added this screen to the documentary: “Amnesty International does not have conclusive evidence to back up the allegation the Falun Gong are killed for their organs.” (It should be obvious that Amnesty’s silence is not evidence of anything. The organization does not claim to be an encyclopedia of all human rights violations.)

The CBC claimed that the changes it made strengthened the documentary. But that is not what happened. Instead, the CBC has weakened itself. (Source)

Please tell me again why the Canadian taxpayer is still on the hook for financing that piece of shit, otherwise known as the CBC?

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The leader of Canada’s Christian Heritage Party says he expects a long and drawn-out battle over three charges he and his Party are facing before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  Ron Gray and the CHP are charged for re-posting, to their website, a 5-year old article from WorldNet Daily about a purported connection between homosexuality and pederasty.  Gray is also charged personally in connection with several columns he wrote and distributed to Party members, one of which laid out the reasons why Canada’s legalization of gay marriage should not have gone ahead.  Gray admits it’s a bit unsettling to be dealing with the Human Rights Commission.  “I wouldn’t say I’m worried.  I do have some concerns (though), and one is the statement I’ve often encountered, that ‘truth is not a defence in a human rights hearing’. I think that’s a bizarre concept.” 
Gray has urged his accuser, Edmonton homosexual activist Rob Wells, to charge him criminally if he truly believes the articles in question were hate-motivated.  He admits part of that is because of the underlying principle of fairness that seems to be missing in Human Rights Commission cases.  “In the criminal courts, the standard of judgement is ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’”, Gray says.  “In the civil courts, the standard is the ‘balance of probabilities’.  But according to Madame Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé (of the Supreme Court of Canada) in Human Rights Tribunals, the standard of judgement is ‘the feelings of the victim(s).’  I don’t know how you can possibly expect justice out of that standard.”  Gray does say he’s more than prepared to go to prison over this, calling the case a defining one for free speech rights in Canada.  We have a full interview with Ron Gray posted to our website today. (Source)

Here we go again. This time the gay agenda is going after a political party and its leader.  I think that is really stupid. REALLY STUPID.  Initially, I was pretty upset when I heard this, but as I started to logically think through it, I came to the resignation that only through this kind of persecution and sham justice can things really start to turn around in Canada.  Freedom isn’t free and those of us who are on the front lines of speaking the truth can expect to get hit for it.  Not really sure when other social conservative leaders are going to get nailed but it’s gonna happen.  If a political party can get hauled before the Kangaroo court, then there is no limit to this fascism. If they can take down the leader of a political party, no social conservative group or individual is safe.  And we can expect these socialists to continue in their quest to eradicate anything that does not square with their view of the rainbow.

Two more things…

1) It’s pretty pathetic that Mr. Wells is threatened by Ron Gray, whose party will never be a threat to anyone or anything. What did the CHP get in the last election – 0.1% of the vote?  So much for the vaunted “tolerance” we hear the Left bleating about.  Tolerance for me but not for thee.  You have to be a very insecure person to be threatened by the Christian Heritage Party. 

2) It’s really quite amazing how the Left seeks to apply this kind of punishment through the Kangaroo Courts.  What they are gaining in some cheap thrill by persecuting Christians, they are losing in legitimacy and justice. That might not sound like such a bad thing to them now while they are getting their licks in, but sooner or later those who are being picked on will not accept the tyranny or the yoke of those who use the system of law to oppress them.  And that’s when those who are oppressed can no longer trust the government or the judiciary to deal with its citizens fairly. They will revolt and then things get really nasty.  If you are a Lefty, listen to what I am saying and think really hard on the kind of nation you are creating.  Because, even if we social conservatives are shoved nicely into the closet, just how long do you think it will be before you start using the Kangaroo Courts against one another to further your own pet causes?

Caveat Emptor.

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I can scarcely believe it. It appears Mr. Muzzle is calling off his war against freedom of speech and his pro-life constituency by allowing Epp’s Bill to move forward - at least from the Conservative side.

While I’m not ready to be a Harper lap dog yet, this is encouraging news.

Believe it or not, I like Harper a lot.  I just don’t like how he treats his own pro-life constituency, and that’s why I need to keep the pressure on.  Nobody is asking for miracles from him, but a certain amount of respect regarding private member’s bills is required.

Just keep moving right, Stephen, and nobody gets hurt. 

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I’m always amused by various attempts at linking birth control and abortion to cancers in women. Inevitably, some combination of statistics come out and and some people start trying to claim that there is a causal relationship, and therefore both should be outlawed. (Source)

The problem with the Left is that they refuse to admit the facts when it is inconvenient for them. In fact, the truth is, in large measure, extremely inconvenient for them.  They either ignore, deflect, or obscure the significance of the truth.  You see, when you admit the truth about sex, then certain lifestyle choices are subject to re-evaluation. And, of course, that is a big no-no in lefty-land.

For the record, the case against contraception and oral contraceptives in particular comes, not from some rabid right wing “family” group, but right from your own secular universities and health institutes who have, we must assuredly admit, much more of an incentive in keeping these inconvenient and uncomforatable truths locked up.

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When aging anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, 83, took the podium last night, a few in the packed audience adjusted aprons they had worn in protest, others rolled their eyes and some just sat quietly, waiting for Schlafly to tell them exactly why she believes feminism is bad for America.  Over the course of an hour in which the atmosphere in the College of Arts and Sciences classroom ranged from polite to confrontational, Schlafly detailed her life history, explained her opposition to the defeated Equal Rights Amendment and answered some hostile questions from those who had come with the belief that her lecture, “Feminist Follies: Why Women Belong in the Kitchen,” was in itself a folly.

“Here at a university where women are being educated, it’s a little late [to try to talk about giving up careers],” said CAS freshman Alison Huggins. “We spent too much money to turn back.” (Source)

So, it’s money or kids? I guess that about sums it up.

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The Kangaroo court keeps right on bouncing.

In tribute to the CHRC:

Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. (Leviticus 11:22)

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Yesterday, Cardinal Ouellet apologized for the Church’s past sins in Quebec.  LifeSiteNews’ coverage of the story can be read here.

His apology was substantially about unjust discrimination against homosexuals and women.  And, indeed, although the debate in our culture is often polarized around the issues of sex and the Catholic side is often seen as draconian and harsh, there is still a real possibility that homosexuals and women experience unjust discrimination and harrassment. 

The Catholic view, of course, is that everyone is a person FIRST before we start to assign them genital behaviour categories.  And as persons, created in God’s image, we are all worthy of the respect that such a status entails. However, as if it needs to be said, what a person is is not the same thing as what a person does.  Acts can be condemned. Persons, on the other hand (who can change their acts), should never be condemned.

In one section of the LifeSiteNews’ coverage, this section stood out for me: 

“Were the Cardinal to make apologies for the Church’s discrimination against women and homosexuals for the period after 1960, he may well apologize for Catholic leaders not being strong enough in their opposition to homosexuality and abortion since these two evils harm women and persons with same sex attraction disorder more than words can ever tell.”

Cardinal Ouellet is a very courageous bishop for coming out (excuse the pun) and apologizing for the Church’s past failures.  Since he seems to be courageous enough to dismiss the fact that his mea culpa will either be rejected with a sneer of deep skepticism or will be misunderstood as changing the Church’s teaching on sexual ethics, perhaps it is time for the good Cardinal to address the elephant in the room which is the past sins of the Canadian Church regarding contraception.

If the Cardinal is really serious about cleaning house, then he should approach the other bishops of the Catholic Church and repent of the proverbial elephant in the room, the dissent of the Canadian Bishops from Humanae Vitae.

On September 28, 1968, the Bishops of the Catholic Church failed in their duty to protect and teach the faith to all Canadian Catholics when they issued the Winnipeg Statement.  The most grievous and scandalous part of the document was the infamous paragraph 26:

26. Counsellors may meet others who, accepting the teaching of the Holy Father, find that because of particular circumstances they are involved in what seems to them a clear conflict of duties, e.g., the reconciling of conjugal love and responsible parenthood with the education of children already born or with the health of the mother. In accord with the accepted principles of moral theology, if these persons have tried sincerely but without success to pursue a line of conduct in keeping with the given directives, they may be safely assured that, whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience. 

Contraception has turned Canada and much of the West into a wasteland. It is the tangible foundation for all the social ills we see around us, most notably divorce, abortion, same-sex “marriage”, and euthanasia, and many others.  Take away contraception and all of these problems will fall off the map.

And so, now that the Cardinal has apologized to the gays and women, it’s time for him, as Primate of Canada, to repent of the Winnipeg Statement, and ask for forgiveness from the millions of Canadian souls who were sold into sexual bondage by the scandalous teaching of the bishops.

The apology does not go far enough, Your Eminence.  Finish the job and restore unity with Rome.


Saw this little item also: 

“The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the association of Quebec bishops refused yesterday to stand behind Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who apologized Tuesday for the past sins of the Catholic church. The bishops stressed he “spoke only on his behalf.“” (Source)

In other words, the unity we have in the Catholic Church in Canada at the moment is, in large measure, a sham.  That is why the bishops who are faithful to Rome and to the Gospel of Life need to “go it alone” and not be dragged down by these large bureaucracies where preserving orthodoxy and evangelizing are way down on the totem poll.  After all, the bishop’s primary job is to be faithful to the Gospel and be in union with Rome. He is not obligated to have his voice muted by the lowest common denominator at the CCCB

Case in point: what was the first item discussed and reported on at the recently concluded annual meeting of the CCCB?


We have had a war right here on our own soil for the past 40 years. We are losing 100,000+ unborn children every year and the family is being ruthlessly picked apart.

It’s time for the bishops to wake up and get their priorities straight.

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My good friend, Leonard, has the goods on the next pro-life battle to save at least some unborn children.  I wonder if Harper will break out the muzzles again. If he does, I think it will be, for many pro-lifers, the last straw.

The numbers have been on our side for years and therefore Harper doesn’t have an excuse, unless, of course, he has an ideological preference for fetal dismemberment and destruction.

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Mexico City, Nov. 20, 2007 ( – Church officials in Mexico City closed the archdiocesan cathedral, citing security fears, after Sunday services were disrupted by leftist demonstrators. Hugo Valdemar Romero, the spokesman for the Mexico City archdiocese, told the media that the protest on November 18– which had caused violent confrontations between the demonstrators and parishioners– was the latest in 24 incidents that have occurred at the cathedral in the past year.

The confrontations began after Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lost his bid for the Mexico presidency in 2006 elections. His supporters claim that the balloting was unfair, and charge that Cardinal Norberto Rivera of Mexico City interfered in secular political affairs to favor another candidate, Felipe Calderon, who emerged victorious.

In Mexico City itself, the cardinal has often been at odds with a leftist government headed by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard. In the latest sign of that tension, the mayor charged that Church officials have no right to close the cathedral, since the building is designated as a national monument. He called the move an “act of intolerance” on the part of Catholic leaders.

However, Mayor Ebrard promised to assign extra security forces to prevent renewed disruption at the cathedral. Cardinal Rivera, after meeting with city officials, said that he would re-open the cathedral as soon as he received assurances that “profane” demonstrations would be stopped. (Source)

So let me get this straight. Leftist mayor opposes Cardinal and the Catholic Church; gets upset that Cardinal closes down the Cathedral because Mayor’s leftist buddy-thugs refuse to be civilized.  That’s rich. 

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London author Dawn Stefanowicz has published a compelling memoir entitled Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting. In this compelling book, she presents an open and honest account of her anguishing experiences as a child growing up in a dysfunctional home dominated by a homosexual father and a submissive mother. The book is well structured and beautifully written. In her acknowledgements, Stefanowicz expresses appreciation for the painstaking assistance of her editor, London freelance writer and award-winning playwright Herman Goodden. 

The resulting portrayal of Stefanowicz’s harrowing childhood should give pause to everyone from trendy journalists to know-it-all judges who blithely assume that sexually active homosexuals are no less competent to parent a child than are married heterosexuals. That assumption certainly does not accord with Stefanowicz’s experience. From early childhood, she was painfully aware that her compulsively promiscuous father was rarely available in the home to provide the care and guidance so desperately needed by his three children. (Source)

What do you think the chances of this story making it into the pages of some of the liberal rags in this country?  Not much, I should think.  Destructive sexual behaviour is never talked about in this country, much less the fallout to families. It’s the great untouchable.

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YWCA Fires African American Pro-Life Employee
Women no longer being presented all their “choices”

An injustice was committed by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, when they fired Ms. Shannon Nixson, an African American Case Manager and graduate student, on November 1, 2007. Among those the YWCA serves, are low-income women, some of who are pregnant. Ms. Nixson, given authorization by YWCA management, invited Arnold Culbreath, Protecting Black Life’s Urban Outreach Director to conduct life-affirming presentations to equip the women with knowledge, and empower them to make the most informed decision concerning the future of their pregnancies. Although some of the women have chosen life for their pre-born babies as a result of the presentations, Ms. Nixson was fired and Mr. Culbreath will no longer be permitted to conduct future pro-life presentations at the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.

Ms. Nixson stated, “It is questionable and possibly illegal to be terminated because a pro-life message was presented to the participants in the program. I feel that my termination needs to be exposed to the community, because an injustice has been done to me and to the women in the program. So I wonder; does the YWCA really empower women and eliminate racism?”

Based on data from the US Centers for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute (i.e., the research arm of Planned Parenthood), abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community…higher than AIDS, crime, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined. Research reveals that Planned Parenthood targets African Americans by intentionally locating 62.5% of their abortion mills within black communities, resulting in black women being three times more likely to have an abortion than white women. Although black women represent only 13% of the female population, they account for 37% of abortions performed. Reproductive racism, population control and abortion have taken a devastating toll on the African American community resulting in the deaths of more than 14 million black babies since 1973.

Mr. Culbreath stated, “The YWCA claims to be pro-choice. If that were the case, they should allow all perspectives to be presented, not just the abortion choice. By banning me from conducting pro-life presentations for these predominately black women’s groups, but continuing to allow Planned Parenthood, our nation’s leading promoter and provider of abortions, to conduct anti-life presentations makes the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati a direct, co-conspirator in the abortion industry’s reproductive racism. This pro-life education is desperately needed in the black community, and if given the opportunity to conduct presentations at the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati in the future, I would do it in a heartbeat…pun intended.”

Arnold M. Culbreath
Urban Outreach Director
Phone: 513.309.6615
Cincinnati, OH

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