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Medical Consequences of Contraception – 12 Parts

Between May 12-14, 2006, three hundred people gathered at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa to affirm the goodness of Humanae Vitae, perhaps the most important papal encyclical ever written by the Catholic Church. This encyclical reaffirmed the perennial Christian teaching on the transmission of human life and the dignity and sanctity of the sexual act within marriage. Among other things, it upheld the ban on both artificial methods of birth control as well as the heinous crime of abortion. The conference, entitled Humanae Vitae 2006 – A New Beginning, provided an opportunity to expose the lies of contraception and showcase the great widsom of the Catholic Church in her teaching. Needless to say, Pope Paul VI’s predictions of the disastrous consequences of contraception in Humanae Vitae have all come to pass.

Over the course of the next several months, SoConTV will be featuring one of the conference talks by Dr. Maria Kraw, an endocrinologist from St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto, on the medical consequences of contraception. This is the first of approximately 10 parts (90 minutes in total).

DVDs and CDs of the presentations at the conference are available for purchase here.

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Lame Argument Number 1: “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.”

Pro-life Rebuttal: “If you don’t want a slave, don’t own one”.

The problem with the pro-aborts is that they rarely think through their arguments. The underlying assumption in Lame Argument Number 1 is that unborn children are not persons, endowed with human dignity and human rights. It completely ignores the issue of the humanity of the unborn child and instead presumes that we are merely choosing a lifestyle that does not affect another human being. But we know clearly that a baby – a human life – is being destroyed. The rebuttal offered above certainly highlights this fact since it brings in the humanity of the victim.

…more to come….

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Cue the Banjo, Jethro…..

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes…

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes…

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain …

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain …

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes.


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Gingerly, Kathleen Thoren’s family gathered around her in the intensive care unit, unable to speak to their beloved sister, daughter, wife, or even stroke her hands. The slightest stimulation might create a fatal amount of pressure on the 25-year-old woman’s swollen brain, warned the doctors.

“We were horrified, but we tried to just quietly be with her,” said her sister Erika Klein. “In the end, it didn’t help.”

The mother of three died last fall, just after Thanksgiving, after days of agonizing headaches that the coroner’s report said were brought on by hormones released into her system by Ortho Evra, a birth control patch she had started using a few weeks earlier.

She was among about a dozen women, most in their late teens and early 20s, who died last year from blood clots believed to be related to the birth control patch. Dozens more survived strokes and other clot-related problems, according to federal drug safety reports obtained by The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Several lawsuits have already been filed by families of women who died or suffered blood clots while using the patch, and lawyers said more are planned.

Though the Food and Drug Administration and patch-maker Ortho McNeil saw warning signs of possible problems with the patch well before it reached the market, both maintain that the patch is as safe as the pill.



Well, that’s the irony, isn’t it? It is just as safe as the pill. That is, it’s not safe! It’s deadly.

How so very sad that this mother of four had to die because of contraception, and a pharmaceutical industry desperate to protect its asset.

I wonder how many more deaths (including the unreported ones) have to happen before the culture realizes that contraception is not healthy.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is increasing its Web 2.0 credentials through a partnership with web search index Technorati to link to bloggers commenting on its stories – the move comes off the back of an ambitious Facebook experiment that was last week co-opted by political lobbyists.

CBC News has added Technorati’s blog tracking feature to each of its stories, displaying links to posts written in the blogosphere that reference the corporation’s own reports. It also launched a Blog Watch page aggregating all incoming blog links.

The features are a service Technorati previously provided to the likes of MSNBC and Newsweek so that news organisations can involve readers in current affairs discussions and can become a platform for off-site conversations.

The CBC has been particularly busy of late online. The corporation last week redesigned its news site and, ahead of July 1′s Canada Day celebrations, recently started an audience participation project with Facebook, the social networking website that has become increasingly – and incredibly – popular in recent months.

But some have complained the Great Canadian Wishlist project – which was heavily trailed across television and radio as well as asking audiences to submit a wish for the nation via Facebook – was “hijacked” by coordinated abortion special interest groups.

A Facebook group the CBC set up attracted almost 17,000 members and may have been influenced by prompting from a group of Catholic social conservatives. However, reporter Mike Wise, who devised the idea, defended the wishlist.

“This was an experiment to see how social networks could work to bring out story ideas, and it’s done that,” he said.

“Would people be saying there was a ‘takeover’ if David Suzuki had gone out and asked people to do this? We purposely set out to see what would happen with an unmoderated group. Personally, I think this has been a huge success.”

CBC technology reporter Tod Maffin, a veteran radio journalist, said the project had achieved its goal of capturing people’s attention.



If the CBC thinks their Great Canadian Wish contest was a “one-off” and that the pro-life movement is going to go away, they are going to be in for an unpleasant surprise.

We’ve just started, and we have some young, hungry activists just looking to take down liberal Goliaths like the CBC.

This is a wonderful opportunity for social conservatives to effectively challenge the CBC’s left wing bias right on its own turf, thereby countering any misreporting, loaded language, and leftist garbage that is so typical of the so-called “nation’s broadcaster”.

Oh yes, and you gotta just love how the Left cries every time the Right gives them a good ass whooping. Notice the “hijacking” label. How so very predictable and pathetic.

That is so very typical of the Left and is so in line with their socialist world view. If they or their needs are not being served by some government or organization, then obviously it’s because the competition has to be regulated or discounted.

That’s not the real world, folks. You get out the vote and you win. The rest is just details.

You’ll learn that soon enough.

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True Choices Require A True Choice 

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Should you wish to find out more information about Social Conservatives United, please mail us at:

Social Conservatives United
P.O. Box 11400, Station H
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2H 7V1


E-mail us by using the contact form below.

Social Conservatives United is very grateful for any donations received from our supporters.

All donations are used to advance the principles of Social Conservatives United.

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As many people likely already know, The Toronto Star reported yesterday that Belinda Stronach has breast cancer. Christians, of course, because we believe that every single person (from conception to natural death) has human dignity and worth are to will the good for everyone. We are also required to pray for our opponents, as Our Lord taught.

So, whether we are social conservatives or liberals, we are all joined to one another by our common humanity. I want to reiterate again my sincerest hope that Belinda pulls through this. My thoughts and my prayers will be with her and her children in the coming days and weeks.

Tragic as Belinda’s situation is, her condition not only affects her but millions of women across the world. As such, if it is germaine to talk about breast cancer, then it is also germaine to talk about the root causes of it.

Two root causes of breast cancer are abortion and oral contraceptives. Those are the facts.

Those facts are hard for the Left to deal with. They completely dismiss it, despite the substantial wealth of journal approved research on the subject. Here is the latest one, published in the renowned Mayo Clinic Proceedings Journal.

“A Meta-analysis, the article finds an increased risk for breast cancer of 44 percent, in pre-menopausal women who took or were taking oral contraceptives prior to their first pregnancy, compared to women who had not used oral contraceptives.”

Read more about this finding here.

Is breast cancer caused by oral contraceptives and abortion only? No, but the scientific literature indicates that they are often strong, contributing factors.

Obviously we do not know why Belinda Stronach got breast cancer. But the sad truth of the matter is that many women today are on the pill. It does us no good to cover our eyes and plug our ears to the evidence that our own behaviour might be a contributing factor to our own sicknesses. This is not politically correct since we have been conditioned to think that our sexual choices have no consequences to us or anyone else. But it is certainly scientifically correct. And in the world of nature, political correctness doesn’t count.

I ask you, honestly, just how realistic it is for women to think that pumping high levels of estrogen into their bodies will have no health consequences? Is that a realistic assumption? Really?

Women deserve to know the truth. It is a human right to have this information readily available and presented to them BEFORE they make their choices. They need to know the risks. Let’s face it. Women need to face the realization that ultimately they will bear direct the health burden of oral contraception and abortion.

Women are being used by men for sexual pleasure, and they are being told that oral contraceptives or abortion is the insurance policy in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. What kind of deal is that when this insurance policy is a sham?

You know, we always hear the legitimate argument that women are the ones who bear the costs of an unwanted pregnancy. This is true. No argument there.

But is it not also true that women bear the costs of abortion and chemical contraceptives too?

There’s losers on both sides of the coin. So, in the future, I say to our opponents: please drop the koolaid jingles about an unwanted pregnancy being the worst thing possible. A dead baby, breast cancer, and the rest of the consequent fall-out sure comes in a close second.

Let women know the truth.

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Check out this way cool website called Standup Girl!
Judy Rebick is the girl on the left. Gwendolyn is the girl on the right.
Judy is middle age. Gwen is 30 weeks and sleeping.
So for the “women’s rights” lobby out there, tell me again why the girl on the left has more rights than the girl on the right?
Besides, wasn’t the girl on the left like the girl on the right at one time?
Why does the girl on the left have a problem with the girl on the right having the same rights that she enjoys?

Gwendolyn has no rights under Canada’s open season on the unborn. Only “big women” have rights in Canada. “Little women” have no rights. Some of these “big women” think “little women” should be sacrificed for the sake of “choice” and “women’s rights”. What kind of sham is this?


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Canada Silent No More

Connie T, from Ontario says, “The fact that I killed my own babies destroyed me. I was suicidal after the abortion and had a nervous breakdown. I struggled with drugs, promiscuity and prostitution because of my poor self identity. The grief is real. Don’t do it, you’ll regret it, It’s your baby. Let me help you bring your pregnancy to term.”
Roberta from N.B. says it was the only pregnancy she ever had. After the abortion she felt like a piece of dirt, used, unworthy and betrayed by her boyfriend. She got clinically depressed and would sleep all the time, she wanted to kill herself, she had deep regret and remorse about the abortion. She had nightmares and has not been able to conceive since. She is now 40 years old. Go to a pregnancy counselling centre, get the facts on fetal development and all the risk factors…abortion is emotionally damaging to women, and the unborn are people too. Her mother and aunt both had breast cancer and she is afraid of her high risk due to her abortion.
Vicky had an abortion when she was 23. She was traumatized by the procedure and it brought guilt, remorse and depression. She has also had two cysts removed from her breast and is very concerned about women not being informed about the truth.
Kelly Aquilon from B.C. says that after her abortion she went into denial, trying to block it out, but feelings of emptiness, anger, sadness and remorse began to surface. She hated herself, and says her abortion destroyed her child’s life and her life too.
S.H. from B.C writes that for years she tried to kill the pain of her abortion with alcohol.. When she discovered the truth about what was developed ten weeks after conception, it traumatized her. They told her it would be painless, and over soon. They lied. She cried often and still mourns the loss of that child
Heather Dalzell from Alberta writes: “After my abortion I had a major sense of loss and guilt, I withdrew from family. I could not bond to my step children, and I had no peace. Abortion murdered my baby, it was wrong, but I thank God for His mercy and forgiveness towards me.”
A.N. writes: “I still feel physically sick when I remember this period of my life…After the abortion I cried uncontrollably, from the shame, guilt, remorse, sadness, anger and depression it has left me, but as hard as I try-27 years later-it is as fresh as the beginning of the nightmare.”
Kathy W. writes: “My abortion brought tremendous guilt and shame once I discovered the truth about fetal development. It is something I can never undo, I have to live with this for the rest of my life and know that I had my baby killed.”
Lorie Sprokkreeff writes: “Abortion brought major depression, feelings that I was a bad mother. I pretended for many years that I wasn’t hurt by the abortion. Yet, I punished others, my husband the father of our aborted child, and our live children. It will effect us for the rest of our lives. We are the parents of a dead baby.”
J.D. writes: “I have suffered long term depression, had flashbacks and nightmares of my abortion experience. It affects the way I parent my son, I know that is why I am so overprotective of him…abortion should be illegal.”
Linda Groce writes: “Shortly after my abortion, I told my doctor I wanted to be sterilized to ensure that I would never have to go through another abortion. Canadians should protect children in the womb, it is wrong.”
Lucie Tettemente from Alberta says her abortion left her physically, emotionally and spiritually crippled. She fought depression and loathed herself after the abortion, and also got a tumor on her left ovary. It affected her sexuality, because abortion is connected to sex!
Bianca B from Ontario says she has a badly scarred uterus, and got a tumor called a molar pregnancy. She got an infection, fought depression, and says she is forever linked to those babies as their mother.
Noelle Thornton writes: “After an abortion at 19, the guilt was unbearable, my self-esteem was shattered and I was an emotional mess. I went into a depression couldn’t stop crying and had to quit my job. I had severe nightmares, was self-destructive and found myself in abusive relationships. A baby will never hurt you, but an abortion will traumatize you!”
Janelle Terry writes: “I thought it would solve my problem, but abortion made me feel guilty, felt worthless, I hated myself, I couldn’t sleep, I was full of anxiety, and anger, I got depressed and had to go on medication because I aborted my child. Children should have a right to live, they are human beings too. Two wrongs do not make a right.”
C.M from Winnipeg writes: “I tried to pretend it didn’t happen and justify it in my mind for ten years after. I was only 14 and my parents pressured me into it. I did experience anger towards them, low self-esteem and depression after the abortion. I have had a lump removed from my breast and worry about the breast cancer link too.”
Laurie Mennie from Saskatchewan writes: “I was pressured by my boyfriend and parents to abort, but I got severe depression after the abortion and thought of committing suicide several times over the next 16 years. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of that abortion and my dead baby. I went into premature labour with my two sons at only seven months gestation. Abortion hurts women big time, and takes an innocent life.”

If you have had an abortion, do not despair. There is love and healing for you right now. There are many people praying for you. We love you. We care about you. We want to help you. But you have to be courageous and come forward. To do that, you need to come out of that closet and speak to our nation about your experience. Do not be afraid. Only trust. There is healing, forgiveness, and closure waiting for you.
We’ll wait for you. For as long as it takes. And we’ll keep praying for you.
Courage. Trust. Hope. Remember these as you fight your demons.

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Saw a posting over on Towards A Just Society about yours truly. A lot of it is just regurgitating what I have posted on my bio page. (Note to author – I am really not concerned about political success. Only being faithful to the truth. Hard concept to grasp. But try anyway.) Anyhow, I got a little kick over a couple of comments:

To both sides, I will just put out this question: What do you hope to achieve? Will winning a facebook contest reverse abortion laws in Canada?

Well, no, it won’t. But it sure has stirred up what the poor choicers and the media have been very successful at doing for many years in Canada and that’s shutting down the debate on this issue, even though the polls show that Canada is more pro-life than it is pro-abort. 54% want no abortion after three months. 64% after six months. 64% of the population therefore do not agree with the law in Canada.

How many times have we heard “The abortion debate is closed” in this country? Just who is doing the closing here anyway? Let me guess. The Media, 84 year old Henry Morgentaller, Judy Rebick and the Angry, Used Women Bunch.

Every pseudo-reporter in this country has sung this mantra too many times to count. Well, the truth of the matter is that, no, this debate is not over. In fact, we’ve never really had it in earnest and that is what this contest has ignited. The debate is hardly going to end when the contest is over. Whether we end up winning or not is beyond the point.

The point is that we are now the cat’s meow.

When the “contest” is over, the right thing for CBC to do would be to avoid giving recognition to either side of the abortion topic… it’s been far too compromised to be meaningful.

See? Let’s all just take a deep breath and back away from the topic. Careful now. It can be wery wery danyawus.

In reading the discussion threads and comments like this, it is very clear to me that the poor choicers are wetting themselves so much that last week Pampers stock price went through the roof.

You see, we don’t need to win this contest. All we have to do is start the debate and the discussion. Victory will soon follow. As the good book says,

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God. – John 2:20-21

A just society respects the rights of unborn children, and rejects the pain and torture they go through during the most heinous and cruel acts perpetrated against them.

A just society recognizes that abortion is not a liberation for women but an enslavement of women by wicked men who want a quick lay with no sacrifice and no responsibility.

A just society does not place one segment of humanity against another. It does not separate or commodify mothers and their babies.

A just society rejects the exploitation of women and rejects the perverse idea that a baby’s death is a human right.

A just society respects human life.

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The Toronto Star is reporting Liberal MP Belinda Stronach is battling breast cancer. The 41-year-old is reportedly at an undisclosed hospital in the Toronto area after undergoing a mastectomy and breast reconstruction on Tuesday.



Please pray for Belinda.

We must still admit that for women taking oral contraceptives and having abortions, there is an increase in the risk of breast cancer. Check it out here. Keep scrolling down for the ABC link.

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My good friend Leonard over at Stand Your Ground has blown the cover over the Pro-abort cheats.

Check it out here.

Whatcha think the chance of CBC reporting on that is?

Never mind, we both know the answer.

Take it away, Leo….

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From Mike Wise, the journalist who organized the CBC’s Wish List contest:

The last 30 hours on the wish list have seen some pretty strange things happening on the Great Canadian Wish List. In the course of an hour, I tracked one wish getting more than 900 votes. In fifteen minutes, another wish got another 400.

While I know many people are hard at work trying to build support for their wishes, clearly something was going on. Some honest group members alerted everyone there was a software glitch that allowed people to “cheat” by voting for a wish more than once. Several wishers took advantage of this exploit to inflate their numbers: we are not pointing fingers at anyone.

So what was the problem? It all comes down to how Facebook calculates “support” for a wish. When you click the “join” button, you become part of the sub-group for the wish. Popularity is based on membership. The more people in the sub-group, the more popular the wish. Facebook found that their counter had a problem – it was advancing every time someone simply clicked the join button. We had a situation, as described in the discussion boards, where someone could join a wish, and then continue to join and re-join it as a way to inflate the numbers.

Thankfully, Facebook had another counter that was still keeping track of the wishes based on their actual membership. Late Friday afternoon, they switched to that back-up source, and re-freshed the levels of support for all the wishes. That explains why you would have seen many of the top wishes drop by several thousand votes. Facebook is continuing to sort this out. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and participation. I work in live TV every day. I’m used to technical glitches, bad audio, poor quality video, unpredictable live hits – but in my journalistic career, I’ve never had to deal with a software glitch before. We’re trying our best with an experiment in trying something different.

Let me thank all of you for taking part in this with us so-far. This is your wish list – your sounding board – your chance to talk up whatever you want with the rest of the country.As we enter the final week, please keep it lively, keep it intelligent, and please, try to keep it polite (it is the Great CANADIAN Wish List after all).


Dear readers,

Apologies for the error in the email note at the top of yesterday’s news. Contrary to information we were previously given, the CBC Great Canadian Wish List contest is open only to Canadians. Foreign entries will be removed. However if you are Canadian and have not yet entered your vote in favour of the pro-life wish there is still time to do so. – LifeSite.


It’s all fair and square now, and shock of all shocks, we are back in the saddle again!

Festus, get my horse.

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Big City Loser is upset that the Poor Choicers are losing.

All I have to say is that the remarkable mass voting started to happen only 2-3 days ago and it was not by us.

What does that tell you? I don’t trust the CBC because they likely have most of their employees voting for the poor choice side, so their decision is hardly going to be objective. I’d like to see the explanation as to why the poor choicers’ numbers went up 1000 votes within 2.5 days to take the lead after falling badly behind.

That is the salient point which needs to be answered. The rest is just details.

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From Babble:

I don’t see why voting multiple times is “cheating”. The whole thing is a stupid farce anyhow and has been freeped by a tiny minority of people who want to take away women’s rights.


“P.S. I think instead of “cheating” on the choice question, we should get a team of people together to “cheat” on a parody question and make it the winner. “

And …

“I tried the cheating thing to see if it would work earlier and it did. I think I did something like 10 or 15 votes. Not sure. “



For the record, I have, since the beginning, told my American contacts to back off and not vote.

“I am asking that our American friends in the U.S. not to participate officially since this is a battle on the ground for Canadians only. However, I am asking our American brothers and sisters to keep us in your prayers as we seek to win this battle for a once great nation.” Source

Nobody likes to win like this. It’s as bad as how the pro-aborts shoved abortion down our throats in both Canada and the U.S. – by judicial fiat.

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It seems that the Pro-Aborts have hijacked the contest. (No, really. Really hijacked – as in “cheated”. Not the kind of hijacking that the left and the media accuses the right of when it starts to lose.)

Until about June 18 or thereabouts, both groups were growing at a moderate rate with the pro-life side waaaaaaay ahead. Then over the last two-and-a-half days (June 19-21), they were able to increase their count by 1000, about 20% of their votes at the time.

Since then, all heck has broken loose and its open warfare.

But, for the record, we were the ones winning until the cheating started by the poor choicers.

This is a posting I saw on the wall:

cheat the wishlist

1- remove support from your favourite group
2- add support
3- press backspace [[[ faster than clicking back ]]]
4- add support
5- rinse and repeta as desired

** only works on 1000+ supporters

FD Thread

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It’s a dead heat. We’ve made up moocho ground.

Tomorrow, don’t forget your weapon.

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The Poor Choicers over at the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish contest on Facebook look like they are going to win, but we’re not giving up until July 1. It appears that they pulled in enough pro-abort Americans to jump ahead in the contest. They certainly don’t see anything wrong with it.

Anti-choice groups in the lead on CBC’s Facebook stupid thing Jun. 13th, 2007 at 11:54 AM
Do people know about the CBC Facebook thing? I’ve not read a ton about it because I tend to ignore things that seem to involve making social change through joining facebook groups, BUT. BUT. The Top Wishes are being written about and reported on, and right now they are: Top Wishes By Membership Abolish Abortion in Canada: 2996 For a spiritual revival in our nation: 1374 I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice: 1349 Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage: 946 It’s pretty gross. I’d like to bump the social conservatives down on the list, so I’m asking folks to to join the Pro-Choice group. I don’t care if you’re in Canada. I don’t know if Facebook or the CBC cares. And pass around the link. I think it’s stupid to have to put any effort into things like online polls and petitions, but I think the optics on this are bad, and I think it matters. Only a bit, of course, but it’s only a bit of effort to sign on as a supporter of the pro-choice group. And also lots of other progressive groups, too, please. (Source)

Despite who eventually wins, the contest has been a wonderful success and a strong encouragment for the pro-life community in Canada. It has certainly inspired me to focus my attention even more on the abortion issue in this country. Our efforts and the networking within our tight-knit community is going to pay off in spades in the near future.

Here are a few reasons why we won this battle and will eventually win the war:

1) Got the Devil on the Run: It goes without saying that it took the pro-aborts a lot of effort to pull in their numbers (a good swath no doubt from the U.S., judging by the sporadic jumps in the last few days). This means that, despite what the CBC and the death peddlers say, abortion is hardly a “settled issue” in Canada. If it were, they wouldn’t have had to sweat so much in getting their vote out. In point of fact, according to an Environics poll conducted in October, 2006, 64% of Canadians want to ban abortion after six months. Hardly Judy Rebick country.

This scenario reminds me of an old race horse who manages to squeak by one last victory over the up-and-coming buck who is hungry for the top prize. After the race, both horses look at each other and know that their respective fortunes are sure to reverse in the future. The pro-aborts might not know it, but they are that old horse – coming up on 40 years in 2009 to be exact. It’s just a matter of time until it’s time to put the old mare out to pasture.

2) Incoherence 101: Unlike the pro-life vote where the near unanimous understanding is that life begins at conception, the pro-abort side is all over the map. They want “choice”, but they don’t have any kind of consensus what “choice” means. Whether it’s the term of the abortion, the sex selection of the abortion, or an abortion for sexual orientation purposes, they are simply a tower of babel. You might even see – even among the fundamentalists who voted in the contest – a good 10% who have the small decency to wince at an abortion past 6 months. Regardless of what the zealots might think, however, we know that the majority of Canadians want some protection for the unborn According to the same poll cited above, 54% want to ban abortion after three months!

Why is this relevant? Simply to point out that for the pro-abort wish: “I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice” means different things to different people. Therefore, it is quite useless in terms of assessing in what circumstance Canadians think abortion should be legal. On the other hand, the pro-life wish is very specific and direct: “Abolish abortion in Canada.”

3) The Pro-Abort Wish Necessarily leaves rooms for exceptions. According to the information section of the wish…

Abortion is an issue concerning a private individual and their body. Canada’s
legal system is based on the concept that individuals are rational, self-interested dignified human beings which is reflected in the Morgantaler case. In addition, given that a fetus is not considered to be a child until the second or third trimester there can be no claim that it’s murder. This is a forum who disagree with the alternative wish of making abortion illegal. You don’t have to be pro-abortion to be pro-choice, agreeing with pro-choice means that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body, even if you wouldn’t do it yourself. Source

The fetus is not considered to be a child until the second or third trimester? It seems that Ms. Van Houten, the author of the wish, needs to get her facts straight on abortion in Canada. There is currently NO legal protection for unborn children in this country until they have been completely separated from their mother. That means it’s open season right up to the moment of birth.

So, if you were a person who was voting to “add support” to this wish, you might agree with abortion up to the second trimester but not after. The way the wish is framed suggests that voting for the wish allows for restrictions on abortion. That kinda favours our side, more than theirs, n’est pas?

4) We are the future, demographically speaking.

Two rhetorical questions here:

Dot a) If we were to estimate the number of children each side was expected to have in the course of their lives, what side do you think would win?

Dot b) How will this affect the laws concerning abortion in Canada?

c) Connect Dot a —> Dot b. Draw picture. This is the future.

5) Abortion is a dead end for a society – There will be very severe socio-economic consequences for a dying populution. Canada is a dying nation. It averages 1.48 children per couple. Replacement level is 2.2. When health care costs balloon, labour shortages result, and pension liabilities fly through the roof, the only thing that will save a nation is a healthy birth rate. If things get bad enough, and according to demographers and StatsCan, it will, the pressure is going to rise to curtail abortions. Count on it. Money talks, honey.

6) Science & Technology. One word – sonograms.

This is a picture of a seventeen week old unborn child – the same child the author of the so-called “pro-choice” wish thinks is protected under the law and therefore would not be “murdered” (as she says).

7) Abortion has lead to the enslavement of women around the world because of so-called “sex selected” abortions. The dearth of girls in China results in a ‘marriage squeeze’ in young adulthood: too few women for the number of men wanting wives (Tuljapurkar, Li, and Feldman 1995; Das Gupta and Li 1999). Does this shortage of potential wives raise the status of women? In some Chinese cities and some rural areas today, shortage of wives has raised their status at least with regard to mate choice. Poor, rural and illiterate men are disproportionately the losers in the competition for available wives. For millennia, however, China has had a major shortage of women while both men and women have tried to practise universal marriage, and yet this extreme dearth of women never raised the overall status of females in Chinese society. Today, the dearth of potential brides leads to abductions, rape, forced marriages, and bondage of hundreds of thousands of women; the status of kidnapped women is lowered by the shortage of females, not raised (Economist 1998; MacLeod 1998; Rosenthal 2001).

Even the most dull feminist does not want to see other women in the world enslaved because of her selfish choices and pro-abort philosophy that she is propagting around the world. One would hope that the light dawns on them.

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