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KITCHENER, April 10, 2007 ( – Catholic schools in Ontario have books and videos in their libraries which promote homosexuality despite Church teaching that homosexuality is disordered.

After being alerted by a concerned Catholic teacher, Defend Traditional Marriage & Family, a pro-family group headquartered in Kitchener, contacted the local Catholic school board to alert them to the fact that some of its schools have in their libraries books and videos misleading Catholic students and teachers on the issue of homosexuality.

On March 26, the family group’s Communications Director Jack Fonseca wrote the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) informing them of the book “Open Minds to Equality: A Sourcebook of Learning Activities to Affirm Diversity and Promote Equity”, in the Teacher resource section of a library.

Page 16 of the book states: “The heterosexism in our society fosters homophobia, the fear and hatred of homosexuality which is grounded in prejudice and stereotyping.” The book provides role play and group activities which train children into viewing the homosexual lifestyle as normal and natural.The letter to the Catholic school district asks, “If one were to argue that exposing Catholic children to the existence of homosexual households is necessary, shouldn’t Catholic teaching on homosexual practice and sexual morality be the engine for that lesson?”



Dear Mr. Buchholtz,

Find out who put the books in the school and fire them. Fire anyone who had knowledge of these books being present in the library and did nothing. That is the only honourable course of action, that is, if you are serious about perserving the innocence of Catholic children.

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Two years ago today, on April 9, 2005, 15,000 Canadians descended on Parliament Hill to show their support for marriage. In one of the largest non-political rallies in recent memory, it showed that many Canadians were still very socially conservative and were willing to show up in mass numbers to let their voices be heard.

While we eventually lost the political and legal battle for marriage, the fight will go on as Canada continues its free-fall into moral and social anarchy. We lost the battle but we will eventually win the war. We will win this war because nature is on our side and what man proposes in defiance of nature, nature disposes in its own good time. In other words, the consequences of adopting legislation which is in direct opposition to the natural world and natural order can only lead to defeat. The question, therefore, is not if same-sex “marriage” is overturned but rather when.

I have never written much about my planning for this March. I just didn’t have the time to do it after the March since too many things came up. And when I did finally have a bit of time, the newsworthiness of the story had passed somewhat so I just let it slide. It was truly, however, a remarkable experience, and one in which I will likely never have the privilege of doing again on such a large scale. Two personal observations, however, that I would like to offer.

The first is this. To pull this kind of demonstration off, much prayer and sacrifice is needed, not to mention learning to eat humble pie and to keep your tongue in check when dealing with the nay sayer allies. Without accepting the cross on a daily basis, failure would have been a certainty. Only by putting my full trust in Jesus was the March a success. And, yes, the March did succeed although its fruits will only be appreciated in the distant future. The pagans and sexoholics do not understand that our battle is ultimately a spiritual one so when they do not see any immediate results to our efforts, they immediately consign them to failure. That, however, is a very big mistake. It is a mistake of pride.

The second observation is a personal one for me. A few minutes before the speeches were about to begin, the stage was packed with people and pandemonium was breaking out. I had marching bands, flag bearers, speakers, singers, security guards, and other choreography that I had to set into place. It was a zoo. As I scrambled to find my first few speakers and place them near the podium, along with co-ordinating the marching band and singer for O Canada, I sensed something very strange: an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace. Everything around me was pandemonium and normally I would be an easy victim of this pandemonium as I am naturally a nervous person. But there was something around me that day that removed any kind of anxiety or worry. It was as if a veil was over me, one that I can honestly say was Our Blessed Mother’s mantle, calming my nerves and protecting me from harm. I’ll never forget it.

One more thing. I instinctively knew that we were going to lose the first vote, but the message that I kept getting was that the March was necessary for the eventual victory. That is why in my speech, I reminded those assembled that we might lose the vote but the fight must go on. How fitting that two years after the March, we are one day after the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.

Despite my efforts, I was unable to locate a video recording of the speeches, except this one of myself which is rather poor. In the coming weeks, I’ll keep trying to secure video copies of more of the speeches. Please pray that I succeed because some of the speeches were rather remarkable and need to be heard and seen again.

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Now that my super busy family and work schedules are starting to get back to somewhat normalcy, I will be posting regularly again. Like many other bloggers, I intend to use video to get my message out. Some of the video postings will simply be existing video on the Net, and I will be referring to them to call attention to their importance and to offer my oh-so-very important commentary. :)

Other video postings, on the other hand, will be produced by SoConTV itself. Not, of course, that there will be an indefinite number of video clippings, but I do intend to get off to a good start at least, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

To start with, SoConTV will post a new video clip every week or so.

The first video clip will be posted on Monday April 9, 2007 so tune in for thrills and chills!

Happy Easter to Believers.

Jesus is Risen. Alleleuia!

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