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VATICAN CITY — The archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa received a bullet in an envelope at his office — the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said Sunday.
The bullet arrived Friday at the office of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who was recently elected to head the politically influential Italian Bishops Conference, the radio report said. It quoted a Genoa newspaper as saying the envelope also contained a photo of the archbishop with a swastika cut into it.
Bodyguards stood a few yards from the altar in Genoa’s cathedral Sunday as Bagnasco celebrated Mass. They were assigned to protect the archbishop a few weeks ago after graffiti was scrawled on buildings threatening him.

Vatican Radio quoted the archdiocese’s spokesman, Carlo Arcolao, as calling the recent threats the work of “very small and psychologically weak fringes.”
Encouraged by the Vatican, the Italian bishops have been campaigning against a proposed Italian law that would grant certain rights to same-sex couples, but stop short of legalizing gay marriage.


The anti-Catholic gay agenda has gone to a new level of directly threatening one Italy’s top Archbishops. The Church is finally starting to wake up in Italy and around the world. One can hope and pray that the Gay Lobby is able to restrain their violent nature and be content with persecuting Christians through civil means only.

This only goes to show how any resistance to the sexual utopia that is so prevalent in our day might very well cost you your life. The Church and all people of good will must stand up to these thugs. Their true rainbow colours are shining for all to see.

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I live in northern New England, which has a very low crime rate, in part because it has a high rate of gun ownership. We do have the occasional murder, however. A few years back, a couple of alienated loser teens from a small Vermont town decided they were going to kill somebody, steal his ATM cards, and go to Australia. So they went to a remote house in the woods a couple of towns away, knocked on the door, and said their car had broken down. The guy thought their story smelled funny so he picked up his Glock and told ‘em to get lost. So they concocted a better story, and pretended to be students doing an environmental survey. Unfortunately, the next old coot in the woods was sick of environmentalists and chased ‘em away. Eventually they figured they could spend months knocking on doors in rural Vermont and New Hampshire and seeing nothing for their pains but cranky guys in plaid leveling both barrels through the screen door. So even these idiots worked it out: Where’s the nearest place around here where you’re most likely to encounter gullible defenseless types who have foresworn all means of resistance? Answer: Dartmouth College. So they drove over the Connecticut River, rang the doorbell, and brutally murdered a couple of well-meaning liberal professors. Two depraved misfits of crushing stupidity (to judge from their diaries) had nevertheless identified precisely the easiest murder victims in the twin-state area. To promote vulnerability as a moral virtue is not merely foolish. Like the new Yale props department policy, it signals to everyone that you’re not in the real world. (Source)


See? Exactly what I have been saying all along. Liberalism makes you stupid. In the case of those poor liberal professors, it got them killed.

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Arrest Suspended for Colombian Catholic Archbishop over Dismissal of Homosexual Seminarian

By Gudrun Schultz

MANIZALES, Colombia, April 27, 2007 ( – An arrest order against Archbishop Fabio Betancourt Tirado has been temporarily suspended for ten days by a Columbian court in Manizales–the order was issued after the archbishop refused to comply with a lawsuit over his decision to dismiss a seminarian for robbery and homosexual activity, according to a Catholic News Agency report April 26.

The former seminarian accused Archbishop Betancourt of discriminating against him over his homosexual activity while he was in seminary–he is now enrolled in a Protestant seminary. The archbishop declined to explain to the court why he dismissed the seminarian.

Archbishop Betancourt said he has received support from Catholics in France, Germany, the United States, Ecuador, Costa Rica and other countries. Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos and Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo each communicated support through phone calls.

Archbishop Betancourt thanked God for the suspension of his arrest order and said the decision was the “fruit of a prayer crusade” in the archdiocese.

“This decision is proof that God is not sleeping or dead. It is the fruit of a prayer crusade in Manizales, which has resulted in the Church coming out victorious and the country great,” he said in a Colombian radio interview.

The Manizales court must decide within ten days whether or not to revoke the arrest order.

Colombia was thrust into the forefront of the push to establish pro-homosexual legislation in Latin American countries with the Colombian Supreme Court decision in February to permit same-sex couples the same inheritance rights as married couples.

The country remains strongly Catholic, however, despite 1991 constitutional reforms that dropped Catholicism as the official religion. Support for homosexuality remains low among the general population.


This is the best thing to have happened to the Church. Now, we are the ones marching for civil rights. We are the ones under persecution for our Faith.

This is our Passion.

We’re with you, Bishop.

Viva L’Ecclesia.

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As part of my one hour spent with the Lord in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, I have begun reading The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis once again. Every week, I post an entry from his rich work for edification and reflection….

Imitation of Christ (1.3.4)
On the day of judgement, we will not be asked what we have read, but what we have done; neither will we be asked how well we have spoken, but how devoutly we have lived. Where are all the Doctors and learned people who were famous in their day? They are now supplanted by others. In their lifetime they enjoyed fame, but now they are scarcely remembered.

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INDIANAPOLIS — At least two billboard signs that seek to get people to re-examine homosexuality by using biblical references have been vandalized in Indianapolis.

The campaign, coordinated by the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, of Indianapolis, carries a message some consider shocking, 6News’ Derrik Thomas reported.

In order to deface the billboards, vandals had to be daring, using extension ladders. There have been no arrests, but the debate rages.

The billboard proclaims that Jesus affirmed a gay couple. “Lie, lie, lie,” is scrawled in red paint above the original message on a sign on 10th Street.

Twenty-two billboards were placed strategically around the city. The Rev. Jeff Miner, of the church that paid for the billboards, was disappointed by the vandalism.

“There was a sense of disappointment, a sense of shock. That’s OK,” Miner said. “We’re going to share a positive, powerful message how the Bible affirms gay people and we know there is going to be some opposition as we try to get that message out here.”

In addition to the billboards, church volunteers have placed about 2,000 yard signs around the city. Many of them were pulled out of the ground almost as fast as they were put in.



This blasphemy is beyond the pale. Today, everything is subject to redefinition. The pro-aborters were successful in dehumanizating the baby so that the whole notion of the child being human has been subject to re-definition in the semantic wars of the twenty-first century.

The Homosexual Lobby has also been very successful in redefining a whole host of issues, including what a marriage and even a family is. Their next attack – the inevitable one of course – is on the Son of God Himself, seeking to co-opt and recruit Him to their cause. Since they can count on general and even scandalous ignorance about the biblical text, they are sure to get some mileage out of it.

As the Scripture says,

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Tim 4.3)

The appropriate response is to fight fire with fire. The Churches of Indianapolis should start their own PR campaign about what the bible really teaches about love, family, and sex. If they don’t respond, they shouldn’t cry when hate crime legislation makes it impossible for them to do so.

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YouTube pulled them. But you can’t keep the garbage from rising to the top.

Click here: Mass Resistance.

This is causing big time damage to the Lobby. Spread it.

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VATICAN CITY, March 1, 2007 ( – Papal watchers are wondering what message Pope Benedict XVI was giving when he selected retired Bologna archbishop Cardinal Giacomo Biffi to preach the annual Lenten retreat to the Pope and the top members of the Vatican.

Rocco Palmo, expert Vatican reporter for The Tablet, the international Catholic weekly published in London England has noted the significance of the selection of the Lenten retreat preacher. “Since time immemorial — or, at least, the retreat’s heightened profile over the 20th century — the selection of the preacher has become a closely-watched indicator of the prevailing winds in the papal apartment,” said Palmo on his blog. “(T)he choice often falling to a voice the Pope might like to tout… and not just for a higher prominence on the preaching circuit.”

Palmo added weight to his remarks noting that “Before their respective elections to the papacy, both Joseph Ratzinger and Karol Wojtyla were tapped to lead the annual exercises.”

This year’s selection when it became known created a stir since Cardinal Biffi, while he is known for orthodox faith and frank words, is most well known, at least in the secular media, for his preaching on the Antichrist. In fact, the Times of London reported in 2004 that the Cardinal described the Antichrist as “walking among us”.

The Lenten retreat did not disappoint. Cardinal Biffi picked up on his oft repeated theme of the Antichrist, basing his remarks on the works of Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian religious philosopher who has received praise from Pope Benedict prior to his elevation to the pontificate.

Quoting Soloviev, the Cardinal said “the Antichrist presents himself as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist.”

“He will convoke an ecumenical council and will seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions, granting something to each one. The masses will follow him, with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants,” he said according to a Zenit translation of a Vatican Radio summary here: .

In his “Tale of the Antichrist” Solovyov foresees that a small group of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants will resist and will say to the Antichrist: “You give us everything, except what interests us, Jesus Christ”. For Cardinal Biffi, this narrative is a warning: “Today, in fact, we run the risk of having a Christianity which puts aside Jesus with his cross and resurrection.”

The 78-year-old cardinal added that if Christians “limited themselves to speaking of shared values they would be more accepted on television programs and in social groups. But in this way, they will have renounced Jesus, the overwhelming reality of the resurrection.”

The cardinal said he believes that this is “the danger that Christians face in our days … the Son of God cannot be reduced to a series of good projects sanctioned by the prevailing worldly mentality.”

The preacher of the Spiritual Exercises added that “there are relative values, such as solidarity, love of peace and respect for nature. If these become absolute, uprooting or even opposing the proclamation of the event of salvation, then these values become an instigation to idolatry and obstacles on the way of salvation.”

Cardinal Biffi affirmed that “if Christianity — on opening itself to the world and dialoguing with all — dilutes the salvific event, it closes itself to a personal relationship with Jesus and places itself on the side of the Antichrist.”

Cardinal Biffi’s reflections, in fact, are very similar to remarks Pope Benedict made last Fall in a meeting with Swiss Bishops. While Pope Benedict did not speak of the Antichrist, he spoke of a new false or “substitute” religion, calling it also a “successor” of religion.

“Modern society is not simply without morality, but it has, so to speak, ‘discovered’ and professes a part of morality”, the Pope told the Swiss bishops. “These are the great themes of peace, non-violence, justice for all, concern for the poor, and respect for creation.”

However, the Pope warned that these “great moral themes” have “become an ethical complex that, precisely as a political force, has great power and constitutes for many the substitute for religion, or its successor.”

“It is only if human life is respected from conception to death that the ethics of peace is also possible and credible,” concluded the Pope. “It is only then that non-violence can express itself in every direction; only then that we truly welcome creation, and only then that we can arrive at true justice.”

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The videos referred to in my previous post have been pulled allegedly because of a “copyright by Women’s Education Media.”

One must suppose that the videos were garnering much attention. I know that the number of viewings of the video had skyrocketed in a few short hours. The Homosexual Lobby, of course, wanting to ensure that such things remain hidden from public view as much as possible and knowing that such a video would be poison to their PR campaign, ensured that the damage was contained. (Read LifeSite Coverage here. )

The question is why? The answer is found here:

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

If homosexual relations are so great that our children should be exposed to it, why not let the world know about it? The reason is that the world is not yet ready for the corruption of our children, and introducing it too quickly might be injurious to the Agenda. But in time, that will change…

I have seen a lot of things in my day, but those videos rank as the most disturbing and insidious attacks on children and the family that I have ever seen.

My advice to parents everywhere: don’t wait until the government mandates sexual re-orientation curriculum in the public system on your children. First of all, you will likely not know. And secondly, once it is taught, deprogramming is very difficult to implement.

I have in mind, in particular, the publicly funded Separate School system in Ontario. The sexualization and secularization society, barring some kind of miraculous intervention, will result in the gutting of publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario, just as it has in Newfoundland and Quebec. Already, the Lobby has their teachers and principals in key places in the Catholic system. I have heard of many accounts right here in the Ottawa area. Don’t be fooled or goaded into a sense of false security. It is an illusion which will soon become very apparent. To the parents: make provision NOW to safeguard your children’s moral and spiritual situation. This is your primary responsibility.

The whole same-sex “marriage” issue was a red herring right from the start. It was not about marriage. It was about what marriage could get them. It got them legitimacy. After all, once the State recognized their “marriages”, the Lobby used it as a crowbar to pry into any and all aspects of cultural and social institutions, the most important being the increase of their numbers through recruitment and the suppression of dissent against their agenda. Tangibly speaking, recruitment is a difficult thing unless it is undertaken at an early age with children. Still innocent and impressionable, children are the target. The idea here is to have the children question their “sexual identity” and subtly push the notion that homosexuality is as good or even better than heterosexuality. After that, any group – especially the Churches – which directly oppose the Agenda will be first stripped of their charitable status and then their leaders fined and imprisoned.

Believe me, the only thing that can stop this now is an extraordinary sacrifice from Christians in Canada. There’s no free lunch, folks. Without the corresponding depth of sacrifice to counter the sexual indulgence of our age, our fate is all but sealed unless some serious “Nineveh repentance” happens.

I raise my voice and humbly say once again: dump contraception and pull this thing out by its root. If God’s people would obey His natural order, all things can still be restored.

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Remember the question the general public asks when the issue of same-sex “marriage” comes up as a political issue?

How does same-sex “marriage” affect me?

The above video indicates the stark reality of how assenting to contraceptive sex and the legalization of a union that symbolizes contraceptive sex (i.e. same-sex “marriage”) starts to erode and destroy a culture. Once the infestation gets into the education system, it’s like getting into the water. The condition is terminal.

I am afraid that Western civilization is coming to a rather abrupt end. The future of Christianity will lie elsewhere in those nations which respect the natural law.

I’ll keep banging on my drum until someone finally listens. The problem is contraception and the West’s refusal to accept Humanae Vitae.

Don’t be scandalized at what is happening. It’s all very logical. So is the open and real persecution which is going to happen against those who oppose the Lobby.

The only way to stop this is for the Body of Christ to get serious about sin. It starts with us first. Passing the buck is getting way too expensive.

As Jesus says,

How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (Matt. 7:4-6)

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Recorded in 1995 at HLI’s World Conference in Montreal (with some footage from the previous year in the Netherlands), this video recording demonstrates a few truths:

1) The first truth is that, far from the smear and fear campaign of the pro-abort lobby against the pro-life movement, it is the inherent nature of the Left to be violent. The few acts of violence from the pro-life side deal with a few mentally deranged or distraught parties. Contrast this to the act of abortion itself – the supreme act of violence that could ever be committed by one human on another. This heinous crime, of course, is fostered and nurtured by violent people – whether violent boyfriends who threaten women, violent organizations who profit from butchered babies, or, as this video shows in healthy measure, violent protesters who try to muzzle the truth about abortion. More scandalous, of course, are those politicians who give these people and their shrill, wicked laws support – whether by direct support or by passive support through their inaction.

Hell hath no fury like a pro-abort protestor.

2) The Main Stream Media are liars and manipulators. Pay close attention to Randall Terry’s bang-on indictment of the media mid-way through the video. It was a truthful indictment against the Canadian media “profession” who refused to cover the violent nature of the pro-abort cabal at the conference. In fact, in one media account, the protesters were referred to as merely “residents of Montreal”. You know, like concerned, peaceful citizens.

3) If a picture says a thousand words, then a video tells the whole story. And this video does indeed tell the whole story of the conflict that is raging in and around us. It’s God vs. The Devil. Watch the end of the clip. It says it all.

Light vs. Darkness.

Life vs. Death.

Truth vs. Error.

Jesus vs. The Devil.

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Every December 6th, my own unmanned Dominion lowers its flags to half-mast and tries to saddle Canadian manhood in general with the blame for the “Montreal massacre,” the 14 female students of the Ecole Polytechnique murdered by Marc Lepine (born Gamil Gharbi, the son of an Algerian Muslim wife-beater, though you’d never know that from the press coverage). As I wrote up north a few years ago:

Yet the defining image of contemporary Canadian maleness is not M Lepine/Gharbi but the professors and the men in that classroom, who, ordered to leave by the lone gunman, meekly did so, and abandoned their female classmates to their fate — an act of abdication that would have been unthinkable in almost any other culture throughout human history. The “men” stood outside in the corridor and, even as they heard the first shots, they did nothing. And, when it was over and Gharbi walked out of the room and past them, they still did nothing. Whatever its other defects, Canadian manhood does not suffer from an excess of testosterone. (Source)

While the media is no less than euphoric in its calls for tighter gun control laws, precipitated by the recent Virginia Tech massacre, the real issue in this whole tragedy is conveniently ignored. Never mind that a gun in one of those students hands might have prevented the whole tragedy. The great irony in all of this is that gun control laws actually helped create an environment where such a massacre could take place. But the gun control debate is really beside the point…

Here is the point: we have emasculated masculinity from our culture. And when we do not let men be men, we have the culture of male wimps and losers that we see today. All of this is because of the blight of feminism which has seriously eroded those qualities that our particularly present in men: strength, courage, self-sacrifice, honour, duty.

Condoms and TV, beer and popcorn. That’s what feminism has reduced us men to. We cower when we are faced with these kind of crises because the idea of chivalry and self-sacrifice are too expensive for our tastes. Why should we have to sacrifice for women, when feminism has completely gutted the necessity to do so? Women can take care of themselves. They are basically the same as us anyway, right? After all, she’s sterilized, goes to work, makes the money, has the career and the influence. She can provide for herself. She doesn’t need me to sacrifice for her.

That’s one of the problems.

The other problem is agnosticism. If there is no after-life, this life is all there is. And if this life is all there is, then there is a fat chance that I am going to put my life at risk for somebody else…even though it would be the right thing to do.

The question is not why did Mr. Cho do it. The question is why he was not stopped after he started doing it. Virginia Tech will go down as another spectacular failure for feminism. This time, however, the failure is real and can be counted in dead bodies.

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CHICAGO April 18 (UPI) — A federal judge in Chicago has upheld a suburban high school’s ban on clothing with anti-gay slogans.

The Alliance Defense Fund had asked U.S. District Judge William T. Hart for a preliminary injunction allowing a Neuqua Valley High School student to wear a shirt saying “Be Happy, Not Gay” as part of a national effort Thursday to publicly oppose homosexual behavior, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A civil lawsuit was filed against the school after it banned Heidi Zamecnik of Naperville, Ill., from wearing the shirt last year.

The newspaper said the school district was willing to allow the students alternatives such as “Be Happy, Be Straight” but said the phrase “Be Happy, Not Gay” was like saying “Be Happy, Not Christian.”



Somebody should tell the school district that “Be Happy, Not Christian” is protected by the First Amendment JUST LIKE “Be Happy, Not Gay” is.


The left has to understand the idea of reciprocity in debate…but I guess that’s just an assumption on my part. The fact is that the Left doesn’t want to respect reciprocity because they are not interested in debate. They want Sodom to jackboot everyone into submission or else!

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. — Tensions over a Day of Silence in support of gay rights led to a lockdown at New Castle Chrysler High School.

Superintendent John Newby would not confirm students’ claims that a student had threatened to take a gun to school Wednesday.

“We didn’t have a specific threat,” Newby said. He did say that a student was disciplined Tuesday for remarks made during a classroom discussion.

Students were taken to the New Castle Fieldhouse while police searched lockers Wednesday morning. No weapons were found. Police used metal detecting wands on students as they returned to class. Extra police officers remained at school throughout the day and access to the building was limited to three entrances.

About 150 of the 1,000 students at school left early, according to figures reported by the principal’s office. About 80 students did not show up for school. School officials said students would not be penalized for the unexcused absences.

The Day of Silence at New Castle Chrysler High School coincided with a national Day of Silence and aimed to support gay, bisexual and transgender students.
“People were in their shirts for it, people were in their shirts against it, and it just caused a lot of drama that I didn’t think was needed,” said student Kayla Boyles.

Tommie Barnes, mother of a freshman, said she also was concerned about potential conflict over today’s planned Day of Truth rebuttal to the Day of Silence. That also coincides with a national observance, this one planned by the Alliance Defense Fund. Its day is devoted to countering the “homosexual agenda” and presenting an “opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective,” according to the fund’s Web site.

Barnes picked her daughter up at school early Wednesday and planned to keep her home today.

“I don’t want her singled out as a Christian who is against everybody, because she isn’t. She’s a good witness on her own,” Barnes said of her daughter. “We’re a very openly Christian family. I have a family member who is gay.”

Another parent, Ginney Bledsoe, came to pick up her son, a sophomore.
“He’s my son. I was really scared. I was watching CNN. With everything going on at Virginia Tech …. I know my son’s safe with me.”


Good on the kids. At the very least, if the School authorities have any sense, they will stop this gay-sex celebration nonsense…or they will face some real resistance.

It appears these lefty authorities don’t like a taste of their own rebellious medicine…in the opposite direction!

Let them have their Day of Silence. The truth, however, will be spoken.

From their website

I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. Silence isn’t freedom. It’s a constraint.Truth tolerates open discussion, because the Truth emerges when healthy discourse is allowed.By proclaiming the Truth in love, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved.

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As part of my one hour spent with the Lord in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, I have begun reading The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis once again. Every week, I plan to post an entry from his rich work for edification and reflection….

Imitation of Christ (1.2.3)
Remember, the more you know, the more severely you will be judged. So do not be proud of any skill or knowledge you may have, for such is an awesome responsibility.

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The path towards restoration does not depend on our works, however well meaning or noble. If our efforts to restore some semblance of decency and morality to this country is to succeed, it must be first under girded by an internal conversion of each individual person. It is naive and an enormous waste of time to believe that what is essentially a spiritual problem can be overcome by a political solution or mere outward activism without the necessary internal transformation.

Believe me, I know of what I speak.

A car might look good on the outside, but inside the engine is a lemon. We might call something “marriage” – even have the legal documents to prove it – but, in reality, it’s not a marriage – only a mirage. Likewise, no builder will commence construction on a house without first laying the necessary foundation. And yet, we, in the social conservative movement think that all we need is the right packaging and jingles to sell our product. Even sound arguments will not win this war. They will not make our opponents see right reason because their blindness is a spiritual blindness, and a spiritual blindness cannot be overcome by reason alone.

And so, while activism and engagement are necessary and good, they are merely the finishing instruments. They cannot be the central weapon in the war. They are, to borrow from Baseball, the relief pitcher (“the closer”) who finishes the game in the final innings.

A few weeks ago on the Feast of the Annunciation, my parish initiated perpetual adoration. A small room, in our recently constructed addition to the parish, equipped with high tech security features including cameras and swipe cards has provided the parish community with a wonderful opportunity to worship God and petition Him for our restoration. For the non-Catholics out there, perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament refers to the silent worship of the consecrated host which is set within the monstrance (see left). The consecrated host, Catholics believe (Cf. John 6:35-59), is Jesus Christ Himself – body, blood, soul and divinity, veiled behind the form of a mere wafer.

Before being elected as Pope, Pius X once processed with the Eucharist through the streets of Milan to combat the athiestic, Masonic influences of his time. He realized something that we Catholics do not. When our own efforts fail us, we need to bring out our most lethal weapon in the culture war which is none other than Jesus Christ Himself in the flesh. Our great downfall is that we pin our hopes on our own rationality to win this war. That is a sure sign of defeat. What will win this war is faith and the perpetual adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. The more this devotion is spread, the more power God’s people will have to overthrow this culture of death.

Speaking for myself, I have enjoyed remarkable spiritual fruits by just spending one hour a week before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I encourage all Catholics to take advantage of this most beautiful gift and accept the great graces Jesus wishes to bestow on all who adore Him.

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This is a reanactment of a real life surgery that saved the life of Samuel Armas, whose spina bifida was repaired by doctors at Nashville ‘s Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 1999. The photo of Samuel’s tiny hand grasping his doctor’s finger has become an icon of the human nature of the unborn.

Here is the actual picture of Samuel hand gasping the doctor’s finger:

This picture and the video above show the stark reality of the great lie that is abortion. No society can live in a state of perpetual contradiction — on the one hand, taking extraordinary measures to save a life as in the case of little Samuel while on the other hand using this instrument

to rip out the another child at the same level of development and destroy him. This is the great poverty that is relativism which the Pope has lamented since even before his pontificate began. What one moment can be a sign of wonder can in another moment be a sign of horror. If the mother of Samuel Armas had merely changed her mind at that instant and demanded an abortion, the doctor could have simply killed the child with no legal consequences.

Relativism leads to extreme stupidity. And stupidity (or darkness of the intellect) is brought about by sin.

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Forward to a friend

Preach it Father!

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This is what the Church teaches…

17. Responsible men can become more deeply convinced of the truth of the doctrine laid down by the Church on this issue if they reflect on the consequences of methods and plans for artificial birth control. Let them first consider how easily this course of action could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards. Not much experience is needed to be fully aware of human weakness and to understand that human beings—and especially the young, who are so exposed to temptation—need incentives to keep the moral law, and it is an evil thing to make it easy for them to break that law. Another effect that gives cause for alarm is that a man who grows accustomed to the use of contraceptive methods may forget the reverence due to a woman, and, disregarding her physical and emotional equilibrium, reduce her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires, no longer considering her as his partner whom he should surround with care and affection.

Consequently, unless we are willing that the responsibility of procreating life should be left to the arbitrary decision of men, we must accept that there are certain limits, beyond which it is wrong to go, to the power of man over his own body and its natural functions—limits, let it be said, which no one, whether as a private individual or as a public authority, can lawfully exceed. These limits are expressly imposed because of the reverence due to the whole human organism and its natural functions, in the light of the principles We stated earlier, and in accordance with a correct understanding of the “principle of totality” enunciated by Our predecessor Pope Pius XII. (21)

Concern of the Church

18. It is to be anticipated that perhaps not everyone will easily accept this particular teaching. There is too much clamorous outcry against the voice of the Church, and this is intensified by modern means of communication. But it comes as no surprise to the Church that she, no less than her divine Founder, is destined to be a “sign of contradiction.” (22) She does not, because of this, evade the duty imposed on her of proclaiming humbly but firmly the entire moral law, both natural and evangelical.

Since the Church did not make either of these laws, she cannot be their arbiter—only their guardian and interpreter. It could never be right for her to declare lawful what is in fact unlawful, since that, by its very nature, is always opposed to the true good of man.
In preserving intact the whole moral law of marriage, the Church is convinced that she is contributing to the creation of a truly human civilization. She urges man not to betray his personal responsibilities by putting all his faith in technical expedients. In this way she defends the dignity of husband and wife. This course of action shows that the Church, loyal to the example and teaching of the divine Savior, is sincere and unselfish in her regard for men whom she strives to help even now during this earthly pilgrimage “to share God’s life as sons of the living God, the Father of all men.” (23)


This is what happens when we don’t listen to the Church…

Example #1:

Scientists have taken an important step towards creating artificial sperm that will allow infertile men to father their own genetic children.

Primitive human sperm created from bone marrow tissue provided by male volunteers offer new evidence that it should be possible to grow working reproductive cells for men who make none of their own. Although the cells are not mature sperm and would not be capable of fertilising an egg, genetic tests have indicated that they are as normal as their natural equivalents.

Karim Nayernia, of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, who led the research, has already used artificial mouse sperm grown from stem cells to fertilise eggs and produce pups. He now thinks that it will be possible to produce fully functioning human sperm from stem cells within five years. He hopes to transplant these into the testes of men made sterile by cancer treatment to try to restore their fertility.


Example #2

Women might soon be able to produce sperm in a development that could allow lesbian couples to have their own biological daughters, according to a pioneering study published today.
Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman’s bone marrow tissue after showing that it possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells from male bone-marrow tissue.


Any questions? If humanity does not accept Humanae Vitae, humanity will be destroyed.

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OTTAWA (CP) – Bloc Quebecois MP Louise Thibault announced Thursday she is quitting the sovereigntist party, saying she felt her views were not respected by leader Gilles Duceppe.

“I’m disappointed by the intransigent and closed attitude of the leader towards me, and by the realization that my opinions have less credibility and importance than those of his inner circle,” Thibault said in a statement.

Thibault specifically cited last year’s vote on same-sex marriage as a sore point between her and Duceppe. Duceppe threatened Bloc MPs with sanctions if they did not vote against reopening debate on the issue.


Ya mean the left can be intolerant? “Intransigent”. Say it is isn’t so Louise! How could you! :)

In my previous post, I alluded to a resurgence of social conservatism in Canada. This little article makes me want to let the cat out of the bag to roam around a bit.

The fact is, folks, that Canada is in the beginnings of a Counter Quiet Revolution, and that revolution is being quietly, albeit modestly, spearheaded in and by Quebec. Yes, I know, we were all pinning our hopes on the red necks from Alberta, but I think God has a sense of humour and a sharp sense of irony. Mark my words, Canada is going to turn around because of Quebec. It’s early, I know, but the beginnings of the end of sexual utopia have begun in earnest in La Belle Province. Quebec consigned Canada to the gutter back in the 60s and she is about to resurrect her once again.

Why is that going to happen?

This is why. Outside of Quebec, there is no “Canadian culture” to speak of. There is no one overriding culture which is predominant. We are mish-mash of cultures with varying “community values”. There is no such thing, despite liberal yappings to the contrary, as “Canadian values” because there is no real Canadian identity outside of Quebec. The English have long since vanished from the Canadian DNA (look at what is happening in Britain – a whole anglo-saxon culture is being decimiated by the condom and massive immigration). Only French Canadians have been able to preserve their culture to some significant extent. And, if we peel back this onion, if we are speaking in terms of culture and heritage, the only thing really left of Canada is Quebec, historically speaking! In other words, Quebec cannot leave Canada because Quebec is Canada.

Now then, in the near future – in fact they are in the midst of it now – the Québécois will have to make a decision. They will have to choose between

1) the fruit of their disastrous Quiet Revolution; that is, the sexual anarchy which has since infected their culture and the rest of the country


2) their existence as a culture and a people.

That is their choice. What they are beginning to realize is that without supporting the traditional family and suppressing deviant sexual practices (i.e. contraceptive sex – hetero or homo), they
have no future. And they will have to decide which road they are going to go down because the State cannot have two public policies which are in diametric opposition to one another.

So, for the Québécois, the choice is becoming increasingly apparent: their culture and survival as a people or the perpetuation of the sexual revolution.

I believe they will choose the former, and ironically, save not only their own Culture but the Canadian State as well.

Vive le Québec.

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Over the past few years in Canada, we have seen an exponential growth in social conservative groups across this country. It has gone virtually unnoticed by the MSM which is a good thing in many respects. There are other movements – aligned to the social conservative movement but not overtly so – which are even more threatening to the secular, liberal establishment since they cut to the core of the current politically correct leftist crap.

These burgeoning movements are growing exponentially and very quickly. So, as in the case of the former Soviet empire, the transformation will happen virtually overnight. One day Canada is going to wake up and find itself a very socially conservative country. Oh, I know. It’s funny right now, but wait till it happens. There won’t be too many liberals laughing then. It is going to happen right beneath their noses and in and through the most unlikeliest of places.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things to help the socon movement in Canada along, but I cannot spare the time with family, work, and other professional committments to get involved too much. Still, I hope to finish some of my other extra-curricular activities in the coming months and devote more time to activism.

I really want to purse the idea of a social conservative convention with the capability of people around the country to view and participate in the proceedings over the internet. The technology is available to do this. This would increase participation since we could dispense with the high travel and registration costs normally associated with such an event for most of the participants. Of course, a modest facility would have to be rented and those who are financially capable and interested could still come for the actual conference, but for the vast majority of participants, this could provide a wonderful opportunity to participate at a fraction of the cost.
The purpose of the convention would be to share social conservative ideas and strategies to advance our agenda in Canada as well as to create and foster an economy of goods and services to allow social conservatives draw upon each others skills and talents, instead of paying full market rates and reinventing the wheel in many cases.

The other thing I would like to see happen is a National Prayer Breakfast, similar to the one in the U.S. to call upon God’s help and mercy for our country. I can see this being modelled on the U.S. one, with prominent religious leaders and politicians and regular citizens participating. It is important that people of faith demonstrate their spirituality in public so as not to allow the secularists to marginalize and shut down religious expression. Faith has a place in the public square. The secularists have no problem pushing their own religion. We should push back with our own.

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